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1:1 Intensive Home-based ABA Therapy

This is our most popular service with three different packages to offer! Our therapists would run therapy in the comforts of your home. There is no hidden charge. The therapists who will be going to your place are highly trained individuals who would need to undergo a month of initial training with Growth. In the first two weeks, the therapist will attend sessions with a case supervisor, and every subsequent week, a case supervisor will monitor the case to ensure quality. IEP will be constructed after the first two weeks of therapy.

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Current Promotion includes:

1)  Customizable programs for individual children with Special Needs:

     - Self-help programs

     - Academics

     - Verbal Behavior

     - Behavioral programs

     - Social communication skills

2)  A 6 months goal, set with parents after the first 2 weeks of therapy.

3)  A therapy manual written by Reynolds Too to help parents understand the

     concepts of ABA therapy.

Current promotion includes:

5)  A free CCTV in the therapy room to monitor the therapy while parents are


Intensive Parent Training - Be your own therapist!

Therapy with highly trained professionals may only last 2 - 3 hours a day, the rest of the day, parents would have to deal with their children, and this could be difficult if they do not equip themselves with the skills of ABA therapy. With the aim of making parents be a therapist of their own, parents will undergo 5 sessions of theoretical training of ABA therapy with Grace Yuan. Here, training would include the Lovaas Method, Discrete Trial Training, the Skinner's Verbal Operant, Task analysis, Functional Behavior Analysis and more!

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Shadow Consultancy Services

Children with special needs who are placed to school may need some additional help concerning their behavior and academics in class. Many international private schools in Malaysia hire shadow aides in order to help these children of special needs. Our shadow teachers are highly trained ABA therapy professionals, they will provide your child with the best guidance in school.

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Solution-focused ABA Therapy (Economical Package)

With the rising demands of ABA therapy throughout Malaysia, one of the ways to reduce its price is to be a therapist of your own at home. Do you have at least

1-2 hours a day to spare in order to teach your child? If that is so, this may be a good package for you! The package is also made flexible, you can call us in whenever you want. Even if you are busy on that particular week, we can reorganize the schedule for you.

This package follows the phases below:

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Solution-focused ABA Therapy price-03.png
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