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1)  How do I apply for your service?

Simply drop an email to or call 017 796 5283

and we will be happy to make an appointment with you.

2)  Do I need to pay anything for the first evaluation?

No, you will only pay if you have started therapy with us, with no hidden charges.

3)  How do I monitor my child when you are conducting therapy in the room?

Rest assured, Growth would provide a CCTV once you have registered with us, this is

to ensure that our therapy is fully transparent and meets the world class standard.

4)  I have seen many bad reviews of ABA therapy.

Childcare is a competitive market, there will be criticisms for any therapy. Contrary to the popular believe that ABA therapy is bad for your child, thousands of research paper has been published since 1969, that shows the efficacy of ABA therapy. Our approach has helped many children throughout Malaysia and internationally as well.

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